Thursday, November 17, 2005

My 'Puter Had Worms..

..or viruses, or something of the like. After ingesting many emails and blog posts and whatever else it felt like eating, my brilliant brother in law seems to have given it an enema and all will hopefully be well.

On the non-wormy front, I am retailing my way through the holidays alternating selling realllllly good chocolates and realllly overpriced kitchenware. I've yet to find a pastry type place in my new neck of the woods that doesn't seem breakdown inducing, and after a few years of being in baking hell during the holidays, I am so loving part time seasonal retail work. My resume has raised many eyebrows...the overpriced kitchenware store tried to give me a management position after seeing my stints as bakery manager, and the chocolate place kept telling me it wasn't a production job, but frankly, floating along as a seasonal employee showing as little initiative as possible has REALLY appealed to me.

The downside to all this, is after a few years wearing ripped pants, broken bras, bandanas, and butter stained shirts to work, I'm now forced to wear a thong ( no panty lines), proper bras, and tailored shirts. And makeup. And I have to remember to pluck my eyebrows and all that girly stuff.

So here's hoping this post takes.....