Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well, It Seemed Like A Good Idea

So....seems date 1 has been postponed, and the puglets and I have settled into an evening of shedding, snoring, and sleeping. Shedding would be them, as would the snoring...since I am the dateless wonder I'm not sure if I snore or not, and sleeping would be all three of us. I was attempting a pedicure, but Boy Pug stumbled into my toes and is now streaked with pink nail polish.

There are two horrid little pug puppies spending the weekend at my parents house, and as i had the day off I was relegated to popping over and letting them out. These beasties belong to my brother and his fiance, and Girl Pug takes great delight in ferociously humping the youngest of the two, while he seems to take great delight in licking the unsuspecting eyeballs of Blind Boy Pug.

Now, I do love me some pugs, but having my two, my parents two, and my brothers wild puppies in a backyard that measures 30 by 15 does seem to be a bit much.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fricken Fracken Addendum



Of course, I think it's because I feed them both chocolate at job number 77, and i really..really..really have a sneaking suspicion they think I'm like Willy Wuglet and the Choclate Factory, and am always smiley and nice, when anyone who actually knows me ( or, so of my readers that would be Bella) knows I'm really a moody cranky nihilistic sort, who only smiles for tips or if someone is tickling her.

But still....TWO DATES!!!!!!!!!!

FRICKIN FRAKKIN FARKLEBERRIES! shiny computer had some issues.

I beat new shiny computer mercilessly.

Brother in law reinstalled mp3 something or others and Mozilla

New shiny computer is back on????

Puglet has missed blogging.

She waves forlornely at all her former readers and whispers "come back..I'm sure my spleen will fall out sometime soon"

I have two dates next week. Which for me, is major, because generally men disgust me and women just don't rock my boat that way.

This is precisely WHY I don't date

because I have to work two jobs tomorrow ( flinging about fancy kitchenware, then flinging about fancy chocolates) and instead of SLEEPING I'm running about trying to find my "dang the boobs look nice" top to wear to work, as opposed to the "dang look at the boobs! "top, as one is good for wearing when future beaus stop by unnanounced, and one is good for my boobs self esteem while on dates.


Bella is much excited about my dates. If she comments I'm sure she'll chime in as to why.