Thursday, August 25, 2005

Gimme Some Chemicals!

As I mentioned before, I can totally deal with roaches and rats.

Mosquitos are a TOTALLY different matter.

I've been enjoying the back garden..teeny tiny and paved with old bricks covered with ivy and hanging plants..the kind that in NYC would add at least a grand to your rent each month. The pugs have been peeing and pooping with pure abandon and flopping in sunspots to nap.

I've been scratching my ankles raw because all those damn 'squitos are eating me alive. It's bad enough I have to live so near my I'm starting to dress like them by wearing mid calf socks with my sensible shoes and capris. The choicest bites have been covered with my piratey bandaids,,but still..I look pretty odd.

I really need to get some bug spray. And some friends my own age. And figure out the Metro.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Melancholy Puglet

I'mn almost unpacked..having go flitch some bookcases from the parents.

I have a new dessert catering thing coming up..happy happy joy joy

My new doctor wants my brain thourougly poked, since he thinks some of my ongoing issues could be related to either a half dead thyroid or one thats sent little thyroid soldiers to set up base camps in my armpits, or abdomen perhaps. Since I already have endometriosis that send rogue warriors to set up base camp on my bladder and bowels, this seems concieiable. Then I get a great brain scan to see if I have a piuitary tumor.

I'm mostly cranky because I have to do some fasting blood work and me and hungry are an evil sight to behold.

I'm also cranky because I'm a bit sad and lonely. I'm excited about my new life, but I havent met anyone yet I can bother who will play with me. I really wanna go play with someone, but I'm shy and dont do well at parties and bars.

That and my pregnant sister was over tonight, telling her pregnangt stories, whilst I contemplating sticking a fork into my very troubulsome likely barren womb