Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh Fuzzy Sock Fairy, How Do I Love You?

I am blessed to have a Nutrageous Bar Fairy AND a Fuzzy Sock Fairy, who pop up from time to time.

My Fuzzy Sock Fairy has reappeared, and whilst gleefully throwing lintballs in the air, given me my very first UPS package delivered to my new house, full of fuzzy socks and stinky bull pizzles for the puglets and obscene photos of pugs....WEEEHOOO!

Thank you Fuzzy Sock fairy, for making a pretty crappy month less crappy, and for keeping my fuzzy sock supply replenished. Blind Boy pug is currently torn between a huge rawhide and a bull pizzle, and Girl Pug is, of course, trying to eat my new electric blue sockies.

On the non fuzzy sock front, I am still hunting for jobs, avoiding the 'rents, and still getting lost navigating the bus and metro system of Chocolate City, which really doesnt seem to have all that many chocolate shops in it. Hrrmph.