Saturday, August 13, 2005

Things I've Learned Of Late

Pugs get cranky when they have packing tape stuck to their paws

Sometimes Blind Pugs have freak outs when they can't locate woobies or toys that have been packed or throned that have been thrown away, and then you have to rush them to the animal ER.

Rushing to the animal ER is fun when you've closed out your bank account that very day and just have a wad of cash and a bank issued cashiers check.

having four loads of laundry left to do when you only have enough change for 2 loads means you pack a box while Febreze-ing every layer

having 'arguments" with friends while experiencing something that tops the stress lists, except for deaths in the family, are really unpleasant, especially when they think you're mad over an air conditioner, rather than an ongoing pattern of behavior at a really freakin bad time

Moving really sucks.